FBX/EP Fire Pool

Purpose and Functionality:

The Fire Pool is a specialized vault and liquidity pool within the FireBot ecosystem, designed to enhance the utility and efficiency of FBX and EP token transactions. It serves dual functions: as a high-yield generating vault for the ecosystem tokens and as a liquidity pool for the FBX and EP token pair.


  1. Dual-Token Support: The Fire Pool supports deposits of both FBX and EP tokens, allowing each token type to accrue interest independently.

  2. Automated Reward Collection: Rewards generated from staking are automatically collected and allocated, facilitating a passive income stream for participants.

  3. Enhanced Liquidity for Token Swapping: The pool is structured to reduce slippage in FBX-EP token swaps, improving overall liquidity and transaction efficiency within the ecosystem.

  4. Interest Generation Mechanism: Both FBX and EP tokens continue to generate their respective interests when deposited in The Fire Pool, diverging from traditional liquidity pools where interest generation is typically not available.

Operational Workflow:

  • FBX Token Staking: Users deposit FBX tokens into The Fire Pool, which then generates additional FBX tokens through depositing in the FBX Vault.

  • EP Token Staking: Depositing EP tokens are staked to generate newly emitted FBX.

  • Token Swap Functionality: The Fire Pool enables users to swap between FBX and EP tokens with minimized slippage, enhancing user experience and value retention.


  • The Fire Pool offers a unique solution to the challenge of liquidity and interest generation in the FireBot ecosystem.

  • It provides a streamlined and efficient method for managing and growing digital assets.

  • The automated nature of the pool reduces the need for active management, aligning with user preferences for passive earning strategies.

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