Unleash Permanent Yield and Infinite Liquidity for NFTs

Welcome to Sweeep, where we're transforming the NFT landscape by introducing permanent liquidity and yield for NFT collections. As the NFT market matures, Sweeep offers innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of collectors and creators.

What is Sweeep?

Sweeep is more than just an NFT marketplace; it's a dynamic ecosystem designed to provide sustainable solutions to the ever-evolving NFT market. Our platform offers the following key features:

Permanent Liquidity

Sweeep introduces permanent liquidity to NFT collections, ensuring liquidity is always available and sustainable. Say goodbye to the ebb and flow of traditional NFT markets where you must wait for collectors to offer or list their NFTs.

Yield Generation

Leveraging FireBot's tech, Sweeep generates consistent yields to acquire each listed collection's most affordable NFTs. We bolster liquidity while increasing rewards for the communities of NFT holders.

How Sweeep Works

Sweeep leverages the power of FireBot's technology to achieve its mission. Here's how our platform operates:

  1. Selling NFTs: Sweeep offers a selling price for NFTs in FBX on our platform. This sell price increases over time, thanks to the yield generated by the liquidity staked in the contract. When a collector accepts the selling price, he earns the total accumulated rewards, sells his NFT, and the selling price resets to 0. In the best liquidity pools, the selling price will surpass the floor price of the collection several times a day, subsequently making Sweeep regularly buy the floor.

  2. Buying NFTs: At the same time, Sweeep offers a buying price computed from the total liquidity and the number of NFTs available in the liquidity pool. Sweeep works similarly as an AMM for ERC20 tokens, except that it puts all the liquidity to work in the FireBot ecosystem. The buying price p is calculated as: p = y / x With y the number of NFTs in the contract and x the amount of liquidity in the pool.

  3. Projects Listing: Projects looking to list on Sweeep need to gather initial liquidity and NFTs to set up a pool. Over time, it will keep growing as users buy NFTs. The liquidity in the contract is time-locked to avoid rug-pulls and ensure Sweeep can provide buying and selling prices to users forever. Only 0.2% unlocks per day for the creators with a maximum of 6.0% per 30 days, giving the team a permanent and passive income based on the amount of liquidity locked in the pool, even if the activity on the collection diminishes.


Sweeep charges a 3% fee on what the team decides to withdraw from the accumulated liquidity. However, projects can abstain from withdrawing any liquidity, strengthening the collection, and we will not charge any fee!

Get Started with Sweeep

Join us on Sweeep and experience a new era in NFT trading. Whether you're an NFT collector, creator, or enthusiast, Sweeep offers a unique and sustainable approach to NFT liquidity and yield generation. Together, we're redefining the future of NFTs.

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