DAO's missions

Core Objective

The primary mission of the DAO is to expand its treasury by investing in FireBot's software solution.

Ensuring Liquidity

The DAO is committed to maintaining ample liquidity for all tokens within the ecosystem. As a result, the treasury directly contributes funds to various liquidity pools or participates in numerous LP incentive programs.

Marketing and Promotion

The DAO is proactive in supporting marketing efforts, listing fees on multiple platforms and protocols, grants, and incentives. Above all, the DAO strives to protect and promote the interests of FBX holders and will use funds accordingly.

Generating Revenue

The treasury will flourish through the algorithm's performance and fees collected from available Vaults. To secure consistent earnings in FBX and achieve its objectives, the DAO continually seeks to increase its stock of staked Elemental Particles.

Fair Valuation of FBX

A crucial element of this project involves establishing a solid connection between the DAO's treasury status, the algorithm's performance, and the FBX price. When the values of assets fluctuate, the treasury takes action by buying more or less FBX on secondary markets. The main goal is to maintain a stable relationship between the available FBX, the protocol's inflation, and the DAO's holdings in various assets.

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