Upcoming Airdrop

After the first airdrop that rewarded our software users in November 2021, we want to incentivize new and existing Web3 users to interact with our smart-contracts and reward them for using our protocol.
For this purpose, we are releasing new quests you can complete on our app. Here are the initial ones:
  • Deposit FBX, our governance token, in its Vault to generate a passive yield.
  • Mint and stake Elemental Particles, the Proof-Of-Burn token of the ecosystem, to get a share of the newly emitted FBX tokens
  • Farm liquidity tokens from SushiSwap to support the protocol and earn liquidity incentives.
  • Join the Fire4 Vault to benefit from diversified exposure to crypto assets.
  • Own as much as possible!
  • Hold on your positions to earn more experience over time
  • Invite your friends!
Each quest earns experience points (with a maximum cap of 2500 XP for the first four quests) based on the value of the assets deposited/staked in the protocol.
Airdrop & Quests!
In parallel to the quest competition, we will distribute FBX to selected DeBank users based on their on-chain activity on other protocols to reward active Web3 participants.
New quests will be released, and we might refine the point system to maximize the positive impacts of the airdrop on the protocol.
We will announce more details about the exact date, amount, and modalities of the airdrop in the future.
Good luck on your side quests, and stay tuned!